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Which game to what system?

A hoy hoy.

I just upgraded my video card to a evga 450 GTS SC.

Now I can run Fallout 3 NV and Cod BO close to max.

I am not sure which game would be a better experience. Get Fallout 3 NV on the PC and Black ops on the 360 or the other way around.

I appreciate the suggestions.
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  1. Yeah do as suggested, black ops has quite a few bugs. F nv also, but its much better with patch, ..
    I would have chosen F nv on pc, and Black ops on console.
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    Same with 55range Fallout NV for PC can go a whole new level with MOD's and Black Ops console for stability reasons.

    TIP: Regarding Fallout New Vegas there are a some things to get it to insect free life as well as to stomp out Gamebryo's bugs are as follows:
    - Official patch 1.1.1 / game v.
    - Community Bugfix Compilation
    - Fallout New Vegas Stutter Remover Complete
    - 4GB Fallout New Vegas

    MOD's added can enhance your gaming experience and immersion with FNV to new heights, but its your call if prefer vanilla.
  3. What does 4GB Fall out New vegas mean?
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