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Hey guys !
Listen up , for some reason lately my PC gives me hell of a low FPS on games , i never had that problem but when i installed windows 7 on my pc it occured .

eventualy i thought the problem was with the win 7 , perhaps something was messed up in the installation , so i switched back to the good old XP version .

The point is im still geting low fps with every single game im playing , Aion , Battle field bad company 2 and so on .
Which i never had problems with before , BC 2 used to run smooth but now it sucks .

My operation system is :

Windows xp pro

Intel Core 2 Quad CPU q6600 @ 2.40Ghz

4GM Ram

Geforce 9600GT 1024 DDR 3 Ram

so basicly ive tryed updating the whole drivers , but that didnt quite help with my issue.

So id appriciate any help i can get , since this problem is rly anoying and frustrating...

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  1. Have you checked if there's a newer BIOS version for your motherboard?
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    hello tomsuter,
    Buddy check your power supply.There might be some problem.
    Maybe it is ur PSU current efficiency problem.
    N check that are u providing good cooling to your system.
  3. ok guys thanks for the reply.
    besided that , do you think my hardware is good enough to be able to run games like that with no gfx issues ?

    and im sorry but im quite newb when it comes to PSU stuff and all that.
    Ill think ill open up my box and clean it up good , check for the power supply aswell
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  5. Buddy u have good CPU n u are having enough memory.
    Just your GPU is old.If u have money then go for GTX 460.
    But still ur rig is able to play nearly all games at low or medium settings.
    Buddy if u will have GTX 460 along with these then ur rig will be a beast.
    Best of luck.
  6. Cheer mate ! much appriciate your help .
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