Cod black ops still lags..

hi there everyone first let me give the specs... cpu:intel pentium dual core e5300 @ 3.25 ghz
gpu:XFX ati radeon HD 5670 1gb gddr5
ram:2gb ddr2 800
os :windows 7 32 bit
okay now i have read one of the posts on the Tom's forum to patch the game .. did it but stil lags? and i am running it at the stock resolution set by the game..
anyone knows wat the problem can be?
Thanx in advance..
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  1. Your cpu is weak that is why it will always lag. Problem with today's game like black ops they intentionally make it higher on graphic's demand so that we are force to upgrade our system to match their recommended requirements. If you had a quadcore or core2duo with the same speed as 3.0 plus a higher L2 cache it would have been different.
  2. but i have a friend that runs a gt210 gpu and e2160 @ 2.7 and it still lags less on his pc?
  3. got it up to 30fps when i turned the settings up less lag!! lol
  4. We have very similar systems, you got a little up on me right now. I've never seen a game use over 1gb of system memory. Now, I haven't played Crysis or some of those other beasts out there, but COD-BO demands a ton from your system.

    When you turn the settings up, you are asking the GPU to do more of the work, and the CPU to do less. I have the exact same success when I turn up the AA and even the graphics detail.

    This game has the same issue as some of the CS versions before Source. When players enter the field of view, you get HUGE FPS drops. Now, to explain all the reasons why, I can't. I'm not that smart. I just know it happens.

    For example, on NORMAL settings, low AA.... When I spawn on Nuketown, i'm getting about 110 fps. When 1 person enters my field of vision, it drops to 70-80. 2 makes it drop down to 50-60. 3... I'm in the 40 fps toilet.

    Is it the game or is it that I need a much higher-end system??? Don't know. However, it's this game that is making me build a new system. I don't run at high resolutions, I don't need max settings. I want high FPS with no lag. That's what I grew up playing, that's what I want to play.

    So....Venjhammet is right, for me anyway. This game is making me spend about $700 on new parts to build a much-upgraded system. However, they keep this stuff up, i'm buying a 360 and i'll learn to play with my thumbs :-)
  5. hey random hero do you have the same gpu as me? if you have i would only recommend that you upgrade to a quad and a 5770 if that doesnt keep up for a while take the 360... it is funny how they say we do know a bit less of pc's but still the unthinkable things kinda fixes it(kinda) lol but now i actuall realise that i only have to upgrade my cpu .. altough i can see that my gpu is doing a decent job..
  6. Not the same, but the 6000+ which is 3.0ghz dual core. So its not that far off.

    My old 8800GTS 320mb, old 8800GT 512mb and new GTX 460 1gb all yield about the same performance. So that's obviously not the bottleneck.

    My bottleneck... PCIe 1.0, 3gb DDR ram, dual core processor @ 3.0ghz.

    No more bottleneck after my build.... PCIe 2.0, 4gb DDR3 1333, quad core processor I hope to OC to about 3.6-3.8ghz.

    I hate gaming with my thumbs. I started gaming HL in 1999. Was in the CS Beta in 2000. I can't bring myself to buy a 360 and console game.
  7. pcie 1.0 and dual cores dont cut it any more these days im also looking at upgrading my cpu first .. because its a bottleneck at first sight wich quad would you prevere from intel ?
  8. I am far from an expert on anything. You can check the charts to see which Intel gives you the most bang for your buck. Maybe the i5 760.... Quad core, 3.2ghz, under $200.

    I got that AMD 955 BE coming. That rates really high for game performance, and at $145, it seems very well priced.
  9. hey thx man i think i will go 4 that one it was nice talking to you
  10. Yes, nice chatting with you as well.

    All I can say is this. WHEN I get my system up and running where I think it can run... 3.8ghz quad core, 460 GTX 1gb in a true x16 PCIe 2.0 slot, 4gb 1333mhz ram, and only trying for 1280x1024 res...AND IT STILL LAGS, then I give up.
  11. it lags cos of the game, not ur pc, its the same engine as MW2. theres seems to be a huge memory leak with teh game, and spiking of CPU usage, i still run at 30 FPS average, but i used to run at least 60 on MW2...
  12. That will get fixed. But sadly, by the time they patch it, most people will have dropped the game. Might need to re-release it or something.
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