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How is gaming on MAC ...?

I hv a nice rig in PC and since 10 years have been a PC gamer. For my work I hv a laptop so the only reason I hv a desktop is for GAMES.

Recently I saw this advertisement of exchanging PC with MAC from APPLE so thought of switching over. However I have no idea if MAC can be as efficient as GAMING as PC. Infact I have no idea of MAC at all but I am always ON for something new.

To sum up I hv some doubts here...

1. First, how is gaming on MAC and do all games come for MAC as well. My FAV are Tomb Raider, GTA, SNIPER, NFS, Dead Space, Resident Evil........

2. My PC is an assembled one and over the years cabinet is the only thing which has not changed. How much easy it is to upgrade MAC?

3. How costly are the games for MAC as compared to PC games?

4. How easy is to tweak on MAC. What I mean in PC if something is not right it is very easy to go into registry, edit it etc. Or install any patch however I have heard these all options are not there in MAC. So what will happen if something is not working the way it should.
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  1. Games for mac !? There are no really proper or nice game for mac in my experience..
    Windows all the way.
  2. 55Range said:
    Games for mac !? There are no really proper or nice game for mac in my experience..
    Windows all the way.

    hey and diablo 2???????????
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    1. Gaming support on the Mac is nowhere near as good as on the PC.

    2. Not easy. You're really stuck with expensive Apple upgrades. And the cheaper (that term is relative - there's no such thing as a cheap Mac) ones are very limited in upgrade possibilities.

    3. I'm not sure. Check out Steam and compare prices.

    4. Much more difficult. And there is less of a hacker base out there to help you. Mac users tend (it's a generalization, but there's a lot of truth in it) to be people who want their computers to just work without tweaking.

    I have a Mac and some PCs; I would never recommend a Mac for gaming purposes. If the only reason that you have a desktop computer is for gaming then it's a no-brainer. Keep the PC and spend the $1000 or more that you'll save on upgrading it.
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