How do you set up windows mail on windows 7?

Hello group,
I have recently upgraded this machine from Windows Vista, to Windows 7 Home Premium, and noticed that I no longer have the ability that I used to have of reading / sending mail, and newsgroups in ONE APPLICATION (Mail). This is my second upgrade of this machine to windows 7. During my first use of this machine under Vista, I had setup Windows Mail to do my email, and newsgroup work (which worked just great for me..... both functions in one application). I then upgraded the system to windows 7. Windows Mail was still there (it made the transition to Windows 7 without a hitch). Then, some time later, under advisement by experienced users (a family member), I reverted the machine BACK to Vista, and then back to Windows 7 WITHOUT first setting up Windows Mail. Now, I can't find Windows Mail anywhere on Windows 7, or for download as a seperate application for Windows 7 from Microsoft (or anywhere else for that matter). So what do I do now? Revert BACK to Vista, setup Mail, then go back to Windows 7 again, or what?
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  1. You have noticed that Windows 7 doesn't come with Windows Mail (as Vista did). However, you can download Windows Live Mail to use as your default email client. It's free and you can download it here

    Hope this helps!

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