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Whatever you want. For the base of it your building a world and surviving in it. You can play single player mode, or you can start up your own minecraft server and play online with your friends in a HUGE RANDOMLY GENERATED world. Every world is unique. every world is huge and you can go anywhere and build anything. No voip so use steam :)

This game is so awesome and addicting, I played it all day today( had off from work and school!) and gonna play all tonight.

Its still in alpha, so there are some glitches, but me and my friends have played a combined 100 hours so far at least, and there is nothing game crippling or even bad, just funny (like cows in the ocean). I just want to make sure as many people know about it so it can grow into something amazing because me and my friends believe it has great potential. Its also on sale for half off till the beta (which if you buy the alpha you get the beta for free and any future releases).

Thanks for lookin!
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  1. Sorry to critisice, but the graphics looks like something out of the mid 1980's :??:
    Did you really say somebody was going to charge money for that :pfff:
    I've seen better looking freeware.
  2. The concept is great, the execution is great, the graphics make me sad. I understand that they are shooting for a retro feel and simplicity but can't they at least try to make it look halfway decent. Even if it looked like a cartoon world I think they would attract more gamers, but this kindof alienates them as noone will give it a chance. First impressions comes to mind.
  3. i've heard of it and it is one of those silent wonders. From what I heard the person who developed it did in in a few months or less (?). Yes the graphics are out dated but we are talking about 1 person and not a company. Not my type of game but it has potential for other gamers out there who prefer game play over graphics.
  4. Yes, but alot of the game mechanics are similar to Garry's mod for HL2 and although that game is long in the tooth, it still looks good. There are alot of talented people who create mods for game engines that accomplish these same goal but aren't hard on the eyes. I tried to like it and i'm not graphics snob but Damn it's fugly
  5. There are alot of texture packs on the minecraft forums and even have a system setup to pick out textures and make your own custom pack from the favorite textures of other packs. As well as an entire site dedicated to your own avatar's look which is uploaded to your account via the main Minecraft site so when you join a multiplayer server everyone will see the avatar you made/picked.

    That aside.. it's been just one developer up to this point. He just recently started to spend the money he's gotten from people ordered the 50% deal during BETA (yes this game is very much still a work in progress) that he's getting a studio together which includes an actual dedicated artist for texturing.

    I can't state how much of a beta this really still is. The people that play it enjoy it not for the looks, but for what it offers and has yet to still offer. It's not just destroying blocks or building blocks. People have made some incredible things using a material in the game called redstone to make some basic programming logic gates out of it.

    http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Redstone_circuits shows some basic logic you can use with it to allow for an unlimited amount of things from something as simple as opening a door

    or acting as read/write memory http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vriehkFNmaw

    or even creating a clock ingame with a digital readout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Saw3ovZBvDc

    my favorite so far though is a minecart station that automatically brings a cart out of storage and sends you on your way and when you comeback puts it back into storage to be used again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfde1Wzh0tA
  6. I actually complained about the graphics at first too. Then I learned about it and just seemed interesting enough to me. Since playing it, the ugliness hasn't bothered me. I think part of its appeal is that every world is different. which would be much harder is there was a higher polygon count, not to mention the gameplay implications. Would make building more complex.

    Ill probably go texture pack searching myself though :)
  7. Well, I didn't mean to dog it so bad. I was feeling fiesty. I do give props to the guy for coming up with a great concept and working his butt off to give people a cool playground. It's that spirit that makes this such a great hobby for us all. Kudos
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