Unlucky video card???

Lets start with CPu spec

Thermaltake Butterfly 480W
AMD Athlon XP 3000+
ASUS A7VBX-LA (Compaq card)
Seagate 160 gig IDE
No name DWD+RW
Powercolor Radeon 9550 256mb
Sound blaster Audigy2 ZS platinium

Ok now with the problem

About 2 week ago i bought a video card (the one listed in spec) and installed it. It worked really good for about 2 week then BAM! Nothing work correctly. The exact problem is that now the computer will fail to boot (no POST at all) a lot of time but not all the time. Yeah you didn't made a reading error, The PC is able to boot at some time like about after 2 try or 20 or 50 or ... I think you all understood where I am going. This is now making my go crazy because it's the second time this happen to me. All i know right now is that swapping video card make it work normally but i don't erally whant to try another one for 2 week to see it go crazy.

Anyone here got a similar problem and is willing to help me with some hint???
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  1. what was your original video card? u said this is the second time this happening right? than was the first time with the same comp? you tried using your radeon on other computer and see if it did boot up? have you checked your connection, meaning the agp slot? try to clean the slot and see what happens.
  2. OK i will answer the question in order

    1- The original video card is an onboard crap that seem to work at 100% but is useless for games
    I then purchased a Radeon 9550 and it broke like this one (yeah right now the broken one is my second). Well it might not be broken but the same problem happen

    2-Yeah the card bugged on the same computer

    3-The Radeon make the same thing on all computer i could test it on
    It have problem booting but boot after a lot of try

    4-Can you tell me what you exactly mean by checking you agp port? Do you mean is teh card fully inserted or something else?
    Thx for further info man and thx for the 1st ones too
  3. Outside of knowing this is in a compaq, what is the model of that compaq (to look up the mobo description)? Something is nagging at the back of my mind that you are putting in a vga card that is 4x/8x into a 2x slot. Or maybe you didn't turn off the onboard video of the mobo.
  4. ill check on this tonight after work

    but hmmm if the card is a 4x/8x in a 2x slot shouldn't it work at all every time i try to boot
    thats all the question because the card work at someitme like rightnow the PC is running since 2 days
  5. lol, it is a question of voltage that is being supplied to the card among some other things. the key is you tried 2 of the same cards as you stated in your previous posts and had lots of problems with them. BTW, what is the Compaq model where you got the motherboard? If we all knew what that was, then one could go online to HP and look up the specs of that motherboard to see what they recommend. Hey, that is maybe what you need to do - see if you have the correct type of video card for the video slot by looking in your manual. I mean I could be full of hot air here, you know. :)
  6. sry for long wait

    ok I checked on HP website and it say the motherboard is : A7V8X-LA (Kamet 2) winch come from a Presario S6500NX
    description found on HP website

    Motherboard Description

    MB manufacturer name: ASUS A7V8X-LA
    HP/Compaq name: Kamet2-GL6E


    Socket A
    AMD Athlon/Athlon XP
    Barton core support
    Supports up to AthlonXP 3000+


    VIA KM400
    VIA VT8237

    Front Side Bus (FSB)

    333/266 MHz


    Two 184-pin DDR DIMM
    Maximum memory size is up to 2GB, 1GB per slot recommended (the PC manufacturer's recommended maximum memory may differ)
    Supports PC2700/PC2100/PC1600
    Unbuffered non-ECC

    Expansion Slots

    Three PCI slots
    One AGP 8X/4X slot (1.5V)


    Two UltraDMA 100 connectors
    Two Serial ATA connectors

    Intergrated Graphics

    VIA UniChrome Graphics


    Two UltraDMA 100/66/33 connectors
    PIP Mode 3/4
    Supports ATAPI IDE, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, and LS-120

    Onboard Audio

    Digital audio via an S/PDIF out interface
    RealTek ALC658 6-channel audio CODEC subsystem

    Onboard IEEE 1394

    VIA VT6307
    Supports two 1394 ports

    Onboard LAN

    VT6103 LAN PHY (Physical Layer Protocol)
    Integrated 10/100 Mbps LAN controller

    Hardware Monitoring
    Super I/O intergrated monitoring:

    CPU and chassis fan rotations
    Motherboard/CPU temperature

    Rear panel I/O

    One parallel port
    One serial port
    One video port
    One PS/2 keyboard
    One PS/2 mouse port
    One RJ-45 port
    Up to four USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 ports
    One IEEE 1394 port
    Audio line-in, line-out, and microphone ports

    Internal I/O

    One USB 2.0 connector for two additional USB ports
    One IEEE 1394 connector
    CPU/chassis fan connectors
    20-pin ATX 12V power connectors
    Front panel connector
    S/PDIF out connector
    CD/AUX audio connector
    Front panel audio connector

    BIOS Features

    4Mb Flash ROM
    Award BIOS with Enhanced ACPI, PnP, DMI2.0, Green features

    Form Factor

    Micro-ATX form factor
    9.6 inches X 9.6 inches (24.5 cm x 24.5 cm)

    Industry Standard

    USB 2.0/1.1
    PCI 2.2

    as you can see it's suppose to support AGP 4x/8x so this should not be the problem

    now this really annoy me because when i tryed another card from another PC (a Hercule 4500 if i remember correctly) it worked everytime. I just removed it to be sure nothing would happen to this one too (can i be that unlucky???)

    now my biggest question is: Should i get a new mobo+CPU and use the compaq MOBO as a shield in some sort of epic battle to be sure of getting rid of this???

    THX again for help man
  7. hello, And let me apologize too - I did not receive an email that had you replied.

    Ok, thank you for finding the specs of the mobo. That helped. On your video card the hercules 4500, is it an 8x or 4x or 2x/4x or 4x/8x? Please check what type of card the hercules is.

    PowerColor Radeon 9550
    AGP 8X (0.8V) or 4X (1.5V) slot
    here's the new address for the company that made your card -

    Well I am thinking of a new possibility - HEAT? Fan working ok on the video card? Or if no fan, have you opened the case and set a small house fan blowing on it? This series of cards is known for hot temps and messing up from the get-go (old person term)

    Let me know.
  8. OMG! I couldn't have wrote my problem anymore specifically if I wanted to!!! I have the same problem with the same hardware, even on my second video card...... I can't figure it out, it works in Vga/safe mode, but as soon as it trys to run off any drivers it just goes blank screen at start up. Driving me crazy, thinking maybe the card is too new for the mobo/cpu in some way?? Spec wise it clears on paper, so I am stumped.....
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