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I have an old (Jurassic period) Mustek ParagonII scanner. I do plan on getting a new scanner (I like the Epson Perfection 1240U). I upgraded to a new mobo and it doesn't have any ISA slots for the ISA SCSI card that came with the scanner. My question is that I spotted a SCSI - USB converter that is cheaper than a new PCI SCSI card. Has anyone used one of these before? Do they work?

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  1. It would probably work but it would be slower. Never had any experience with scsi scanners tho.

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  2. Not sure about your particular scanner, I also have an ancient scanner that has its own scsi card, but I CANT get the dam thing working with any other scsi card (tried two), maybe you ought to confirm that yours isnt a dedicated card too (a lot of them used to be) before spending your hard earned $/£ on an adapter.

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