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Essentially, I want to buy a new laptop for college. I want the most speed and most power, and also, the most bang for my buck. I'm looking to spend about 3,500 USD or below. Right now, I'm focusing on the Dell Inspirion XPS Gen 2 because I've heard it's the best desktop replacement out there.

My question is this: does anybody know where I can find hardware specifics (very specifics, like motherboard features) for the XPS gen 2? Also, when will PCI-E be making it's entrance onto the laptop/mobile notebook scene?

I've never shopped for a notebook before so just about any opinions/reviews (from your personal experience) would be greatly appreciated..thanks...

I'd buy a desktop if it weren't for the space issue that I'll undoubtedly be encountering in college, space *is* an issue for me, but at the same time I want a desktop replacement (obviously in the form of a laptop). Yes, I know I could get a notebook for cheaper but this bad boy has to last me 4 years (through college) so I want to go all out. And no, I don't mind carrying around 9lbs, I have a really, really nice custom-designed (only 3 of them on the planet including mine) leather carrying case.

-Mot Baillie
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  1. If you want to STUDY. Most ANY notebook is good enough. In the good old days, you needed a VT100 terminal (you can use hyper-terminal). Today be sure it has a good browser, can read/edit/export Office files, and read PDF files. It also needs a modem and a Ethernet port. (note I did't specifically mention Win XP)

    However, if you want to also do everything else, get the Dell Inspirion XPS Gen 2. That high-end PC will also help a lot with doing graphics work like Photoshop and 3D Studio.

    When all done with the real work, your Sims can have a toga party. If your looking for real girls, the ones that still use the VT100 terminal are easier.
  2. If you want a reliable notebook stay a way from eMachines and Gateway.

    I have had only problems and once I sent it in for repair, I was promissed it would be back within 1 week, 2 at the most.

    Now it has been almost 6 weeks and I still don't have it back !

    if you want more detail read my post:
  3. How much gaming do you plan on doing? That will determine a lot as far as laptops are concerned.
    One major thing to consider is battery life. Are you going to be by an outlet at school all day? That XPS ain't goona last all day :)

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