Any soundcard and the VIA chipset of a KT7 Raid

I am just looking for a soundcard that doesnt have any conflicts at all with my new motherboard. a soundcard that doesnt automatically install SB16 emulation for legacy devices. I mean, I have tried every way to sunday to get it to work, yet it always finds a way to lock up when windows starts. Are there any soundcards out there that DO NOT support legacy devices and are made strictly for windows95/98+ I am so fed up with this soundblaster live card I want to stomp it into the ground until it doesnt even resemble being man-made. Any suggestions guys?
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  1. Well, the SBLive is the best card out there in my opinion.

    I would try everything to get it working before I gave up on it.

    The first thing I would try, and this also seems to be the easiest fix, is the enable the memory hole 15M-16M.

    Another thing I have read is to try is putting the card in PCISlot 4. IDK why this would work, as PCI slots 4 and 6 are shared with USB (unless you don't use USB devices, in which case you can disable it and save 2 IRQs.)

    Also, you might try assigning IRQ 5 to ISA device. This sets aside an IRQ (which will not be shared) that can be used with SB16 emulation.

    Another thing I might try is if you are NOT using the onboard serial ports (COM 1 or COM 2) go ahead and disable those in the bios as well. Save yourself 2 more IRQs.

    If all else fails, try disabling ACPI support. There is a flash that will allow you to change this from inside your BIOS, as well, Win2k can disable it from within the OS itself.

    NOTE. IF you are using ACPI under Windows 2000 you should DISABLE the "PnP OS Installed" option in your BIOS!

    Hope this helps you some.
  2. Hi,
    first of all, I want to say that SBLive is a CRAP. I want to say that ANY Soundblaster is a crap (except those containing CT5880 chip which comes from Ensoniq). I was owing SB AWE64 & SBLive Full about 10 months. I cannot recommed them to anybody because ANY card containing ANY Yamaha chip makes it much more better with a less than 20% of price. C-Media 8738 is also a good choice. O.K. I'm patronizing you - but I'm sound engineer with about of 20 years of practice. If you want to know more - just email me.
  3. I was thinking of picking up a sound card. What sound card do you recommend that's priced around the SB Live Value?
  4. MX300 is what my ears like the mostest, heh...

    it is a mistake to be afraid to make one...
  5. I just got myself a new SB Live Player 5.1 and I must say it is the best sounding blaster I've ever had. I'm currently using it in a Asus P5A-B system with Win2000 with no problems at all (planning to upgrade to CUSL2-C soon). I didn't install any software that comes with it, I just let Windows pick the required drivers from the CD and that's all! Works great, sounds great, even in plain stereo!
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