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Fallout 3 freezing/not responding

ive just bought fall out 3 game of the year addition and have started a new game got past that but can only get say 10mins of gameplay before it freezes and stops responding therefore i have to end task and try again
can any one help me?
anyone else encountered the same problem
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  1. Is the game patched?
  2. yes i just recently downloaded the new patch 1.7 i think it was?
  3. Do you use ffdshow on your PC?
  4. no should i be?i use cccp would that make a difference??
  5. ffdshow can cause problems with Fallout 3. Try to run the game in windowed mode and see if it freezes. Also try to run the game with onboard sound.
  6. cool thnx i'll give it a shot now ;)
  7. nope still freezes :(
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    Do you have any components overclocked? Apparently FO3 doesn't appreciate such technical shenanigans.
    As seen here:
  9. nope no overclocking lol
  10. OMG thank you so much from the forum your link sent me to i found another link explaining that cccp contains ffdshow in them ive now turned them off and it seem to be working smoothly thanks for all your help :)
  11. haha LOL now it freezes in V.A.T.S mode :P grr cant win :P
  12. got it all working i installed ffdshow and through settings put fallout3 as an exclude from using ffdshow on the audio and video now it works a treat no lag no freezing :)
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