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PC Wont boot without OLD hdd in (Error loading OS)

Ok this is probably the strangest and most frustrating issue I've ever come across while dealing with a PC.

I've got:

150gb WD Raptor (Used to be raided with another 150gb raptor and the second raptor no matter what I did to it, wouldnt function on its own so its no surprise this raptor is causing me an issue)
1TB Seagate
1TB Hitachi

Originally I was using this raptor as my primary drive for running games due to the 10k rpm but 150gig isnt enough for the amount of different games I play with my friends.. we're indecisive at times! So I bought a TB drive (as my hitachi is my storage drive) and did a clean install on that, leaving my raptor with the old OS as I thought Id be able to format it from my desktop once I'd done an install on my new drive)

I couldnt format my raptor which is annoying and so that left me with two boot up options everytime, doesnt bother me really as I knew I'd be getting rid of my raptor eventually when I could be bothered to take it out (requires removing most components.. yes I know I need a new case)

I wanted to try my raptor in my brothers pc to see if his HDD was the issue he was having.. so I took it out of mine and tried to boot mine up and it got stuck on the flashing cursor bit before the windows loading screen (running win7 64bit)

I tried all of the combinations of sata cables/ports and power cables. I tried running ahci (which didnt work) mode in the bios (which I know I need the drivers for now so that was a no go). I tried the lowest setting for "ide-sata" config.

Absolutely nothing worked so I thought I'll put my raptor back into my pc and see if my old os works as I suspected id shorted my new drive out or knocked it or something.. it then worked fine, gave me the two os options and I chose my normal one and here I am.. so I took the raptor out again and back to the flashing cursor issue where it wont boot.

Anyone had this problem or know a solution?
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    When you installed Windows 7 with the Raptor connected Windows put the bootloader for W7 on the Raptor drive. Removing the drive results in the loss of the bootloader and Windows can't boot.
    You can try the solution here>>
    I can't vouch for it working, I havn't tried it. Otherwise You could reinstall, which may be easier if you don't have a lot of programs installed that need reinstalling.
    PS. Don't forget to disable any other drives when reinstalling, or you could be back where you started.
  2. 1+ to jonmor
    also you cant move your drive into your brothers pc.... it will need a fresh install of windows.
  3. Havnt tried that solution but thanks for the heads up. Gunna order myself an SSD but trying to find out when they will go down in price, then use a spare TB drive in a second computer as a backup system/media center now :)

    Also need a new case, hate my one!

    Id heard that you're meant to remove all drives but the install one but I've never, ever ever had a problem before.. such a weird way to do it lol but cest la vie eh!

    tyvm peoples
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