GTX 580 or PS3

What should i buy a GTX 580 or PS3 ?.................My 8800GTS Still pretty good and any game and there are so many high caliber PS3 exclusives available and coming out.
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  1. On one hand you could play all your games in much higher settings, and play pretty much anything in the near future on high, but it costs a lot

    On the other had you could get a PS3 and like 3 or 4 new release games for the same price

    If I could choose a PS3 and 4 good games or a GTX 580, I'd personally got with the card, but that's just me
  2. I don't think it's as simple as just buying a GTX580. You can't just take out an 8800GTS and stick in a 580. What's the rest of your system specifications? Will your current power supply handle the new card? Is your CPU fast enough not to bottleneck a card that is probably five times more powerful?
  3. If you can afford the GTX580 and have a system to support it, it's the better choice from a technical point of view, and will give a significantly more impressive end result.

    If you want to sit in living room playing video games with your mates, on joypads, the PS3 is far less hassle.
  4. Core i7 930 @ 3.6GHz
    6GB @ 1333MHz
    Thermaltake 600W

    I think system is perfectly capable of running a GTX 580 maybe upgrade the PSU to 700W.

    My biggest concern is can GTX 580 compete against next gen consoles ? .And other thing is when will next gen consoles arrive ?.lastly i always prefer to play PC version of games because they out smart console counterpart in every way.But those PS3 exclusives are superb and there's no way get those games unless buy a new PS3.Then again is it worth of buying a new PS3 for just to play few exclusives ?

    How about keep the 8800GTS(G92) and buy a PS3 this holiday and upgrade the GPU to 28nm one(GTX 680 DONT KNOW FOR SURE) next holiday?...........any suggestion would be great...............sorry for too many question
  5. With that system, the 8800GTS is holding you back badly. Also, I don't think you need to get a GTX580 unless you really want the fastest card money can buy. I would suggest you wait until AMD launches the Radeon 69xx series. This will drive prices down on the current models, and enable you to pick up a slightly lower-spec card (or two) for cheaper. Who knows, if you shop smart, maybe you can afford both the PS3 and a new GPU.
  6. Thanks for all those replies guys and I finally decided to get a GTX 460 1GB and PS3.Any suggestions still welcome.........thx
  7. harshahorizon said:
    Thanks for all those replies guys and I finally decided to get a GTX 460 1GB and PS3.Any suggestions still welcome.........thx

    Nice, get the best of both worlds. The 460 should serve you well and now you can play PS3!
  8. Good call, I think. Congrats!
  9. i would suggest that to ya.....good luck man....
  10. blu ray player :) is acually quite gd, better then sub £200 ones.
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