Crysis keeps crashing at the exact same point

I play through the entire game, only for the game to persistently crash at the exact same point. On the level "the reckoning" which takes place on an aircraft carrier, that admiral orders the island to be nuked, then aliens attack the ship. After I descend the stairwell, about half way down, the game crashes.

I've reinstalled the game, played through the entire thing several times over, only for this exact same thing to happen!

This is very frustrating. I'm not the only person to have this problem. Many other people claim of game crashes during "the reckoning" level. It's an inherent glitch with the game.
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  1. I have a friend with an AMD X9650 same predicament as yours. I don't know why but probably a patch might help
  2. Patch ? Get the latest patch out-
  3. other than that you could try running the game in DX9. or if u run it in DX9 try it in DX10
  4. 55Range said:
    Patch ? Get the latest patch out-

    The latest patch is installed.

    Crysis is buggy as hell, not to mention it performs very poorly on even the fastest hardware money can buy!

    IMHO Far Cry 2 looks graphically better than Crysis, and at many times the framerate. Crysis 2 and the cryengine 3 is said to look better, and run MUCH smoother than the original Crysis on existing hardware.

    Two-way SLI GTX 480's will max out Crysis 2 on DX11 and get probably a very smooth and playable 50-60+ fps, while Crysis would run <30 fps on the highest settings and resolutions.

    Far Cry 2 can be played on 1920x1080 with max AA and graphical specs on get >70 fps on a high-end system. Far Cry 2 is also a game which really benefits from multi-GPU setups. I've seen benchmarks where the framerates are literally doubled across all resolutions with Two GPU's instead of one.

    The "Dunia" engine is a work of art. The programmers who coded it deserve a nobel prize (constructive sarcasm).

    The cryengine 2 feels like it was coded by 12 year olds. It will run poorly on hardware Eight generations from now.
  5. Hi there,
    I assume you are running the 64 bit version. A few gamers have exactly the same problem as you describe. Me included. The way round it is to run the 32-bit version of the game in the Crysis "32bin" file in the Crysis folder itself. You will find that in the "Electronic Arts" file in the "Program Files(x86)" folder. Just click on the "Crysis" application launcher in there, and away you go. You will be able to load from your original 64bit saved games as well, and you may bet a better frame-rate. I did. I wished I'd run the game in 32-bit from the beginning now. Best of luck.
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