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i have a geforce 9400 graphics card..2gb ram win7 os...cod4 mw used to work smooth on my pc with a decent ping and 150 fps...since last week, my fps dropped dwn to freakin 20...pleez help!!!
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  1. Did you make any changes to the system, software or hardware-wise?
  2. thanx fo ur reply man,,,anyways, system changes...altho i reinstalled my nvidia display drivers recently to c if dat does d trick..its now worse...since dis problem started, i get a normal fps of 150 and 200...but it lasts only for 5min's or so..then it pops bak to between 10 and 20fps...and now i cant get to play on my widescreen..the game loads in a smaller screen,,its like d rest of the left and right side of the screen is not used...its jus black..awaiting ur reply..
  3. Sometimes a reformat will do the trick but i wouldn't recommend that only as a last option if everything fails.
  4. it plays at 150-200FPS for 5 minutes? then drops sounds like an over heating problem execpt thats a big drop maybe clean the fan a bit to see if it's clogged up
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