A7V & ATA-100 IDE

I can't seem to get my IBM Deskstar (ATA 100) to work on the ATA-100 primary or secondary connectors on my A7V. When the BIOS starts it won't see anything connected to the primary or secondary ata 100 connectors. But then when the ATA-100 Bios starts it will see the hard drive but I can't use it or get access to it. So right now I have my Deskstar and my cdr/dvd on the Primary IDE connecter(regular) and my other hardrive and a cd-rom connected to the secondary IDE connector (regular).

I feel like I'm getting gipped because now I guess my ata-100 drive is running at a significantly lower speed.

I already updated the BIOS to 1005a and tried switching all teh cables around but to no avail. I also changed all the jumpers.

Deskstar: Primary (Master)
cdr/dvd: Primary (Slave)
Quantum (8.1): Secondary (Master)
cd-rom: Secondary (Slave)

If anyone cuold help me I would greatly appreciate it.

My system:
Asus A7V rev 1.02 Bios: 1005a
256 sdram (pc133)
running win2k
deskstar (45gb)
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  1. You need to install your os with the hard drive connected to the udma 33 ide controllers (i.e. NOT the ata100 controllers).

    There is a problem with the bios that when you boot from the floppy the drive hooked up to the ata100 controller will not be a c: drive. So after you successfully install the os, you can then switch the drive back to the Promise ultra ata100 controller and things should work well.

    You may wish to ugrade the windows Promise drivers to Build 33, which you can get off the web site. If your board is crashing a lot, you may wish to upgrade you m/b bios to version 1005a. (It did wonders for my a7v)
  2. Thanks... I completely gave up on the Bios and ignored it as far as configuring my drives. After I intalled win2k on my Primary hard drive I just said "screw it" and put it back on the ATA-100 connection. The BIOS couldn't find it... But win2k did. My ahrd drive now works at ATA-100 and I'm finally happy (but not with the BIOS).

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