Hello All
Firstly I did not find a section on handheld consoles, so I decided to post here.
I have been ofered a PSP-2000 that is in mint condition for 80€
At the local shop, the PSP-3000 and go sell for 166€
Which should I take?
OR, should I get a PS3?
Or, should I wait to get a new desktop computer?
How expensive will Sandy Bridge be? Will it be worth it?
Thank you all and I hope I posted in the right section :D
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  2. You should wait and get a desktop computer.

    Mobile gaming is not really gaming IMHO.

    PC is the benchmark of hardcore gaming... consoles are just too mainstream, too boring, unmoddable (without consequences at least), unupgradeable etc. Too many little whining kids all over the mic channels
  3. Too true xD
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