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I'm interested in picking up a gamepad for PC. I'm really not sure what a good brand for it is, etc. I'm looking to get a decent one that doesn't use batteries.

Any suggestions would be excellent. I have an old one, but it doesn't seem to work too well.

I'm willing to pay up to about 50, but I'm definitely looking for about 20.

*Edit* Also is there a mod or something to let me use a PS3 controller on the PC? I found one and it...doesn't work too well. The map for the keys are really weird.
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  1. Logitech is a good brand to go with for a controller. They are reliable and relatively cheap too.
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    this is the one I use, I love it.

    looks like a PS3 controller, has great features and mapping capabilities. I played through FF7 on 2 AA batteries, thats over 50 hours.
  3. I didn't bother follow up since nooe posted, but I already got a good mod for the PS3 controller
    Works perfectly, even dupes the comp into thinking it is a Xbox360 controller for games that have that functionality.
  4. Logitech and Saitek make some nice stuff which in theory would be perfectly fine however....

    I've run into instances where certain games won't register my logitech gamepad. I've been advised that a 360 gamepad is more recognizable (not sure if this is true).
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