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wat r the games tat we can play in mac..likkw played in windows
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  1. looks like this mac of yours doesn't have a spellchecker.... :pfff:

    Anyways there are very few good games for mac, only a couple of games on steam and perhaps a good game of solitaire.

    I hear that SIMS games are also for mac, but IMO thats not a game.

    Gaming on a mac is just plain fail, the only solution to game on a mac is to install windows, which is basically defeating the whole point of buying a mac.
  2. You obviously don't like Macs, but it helps no-one to spread disinformation. There are far more than "a couple" of games for Macs on Steam. Not your choice - fine, but don't mislead people who are asking for help.
  3. Ijack said:
    You obviously don't like Macs,
    you got that right!

    but either way, mac is arguably the worst gaming platform ever made. There's no arguing against that.

    Sure there are some good games for mac, but there are SOO many more for windows machines, so better to just install windows.
  4. Bootcamp is the way to run games smoothly on the mac, I've tried CoD:MW 1 & 2, both of them run a hell of alot better in bootcamp than in their native mac format. Gaming performance wise your better off with a seperate gaming rig.
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