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Hi Guys,,

I downloaded the Game Full Spectrum Warrior ( free ad-supported) and the installation went fine.However when i go to launch it, It does absolutely nothing.. Even when i try to run it in either Compatibility mode or when i run it as Admin. SO i open my Task Manager while i thought it was taking to long to load, and i have a Launcher.Locked in my Process's.

Any idea how i can get around that?


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  1. reinstall
  2. I have numero uno times!
  3. obvious prgram issues, gaming forums are full of complaints about trying to run a game this old(2001)
  4. Yeah..I just uninstalled it.. it was a pain in the a$$.. Never did get it to run..
  5. Hey Lanshire1,
    when you put "(free ad-supported)" what did you mean by that?
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