Games randomly stop responding or just crash to desktop??

I need help! Every game i play eventually stops responding or just closes for no reason on my new computer. Crysis minmises and i get a message say it stopped responding, same with mafia 2 and Cod 4/5. And in combat arms it just closes without any message at all. I was thinking it was my cpu overheating but know idk. It doesn't get above 60c while playing.
I have a Phenom 2 955be and the fan is really noisy, like 3000rpm on idle, 6000rpm on while gaming. What could be causing this? All drivers are up to date.
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  1. First let me know what graphics card ,amount of ram....
    sometimes game compatibility is prob....yr cpu is certainly powerfull enough for those games but what about gfx and ram....they can be the bottleneck....try some patches....i had similar prob with sof3 on win7 and vista..applied patch and no prob.....check yr gfx card tem...if it's above 90s there's the prob...ok
  2. Post full specs ..
  3. GPU - GTX 460
    RAM - 4GB Corsair Ram
    CPU - P2 955be
    Mobo - Gigabyte 880gm - ud2h
    Case - Antec 300
    PSU - Corsair 550w
    HDD - Seagate Barracuda 500gig
  4. now its happening with combat arms even! i mean i could play that on my celeron d!!! idk why its not working :( thats the whole reason i got this computer, to game....
  5. Well, do you have the latest graphics drivers ?
    Is it a fresh install of windows, if not, were the previous graphics drivers removed, registry cleaned, prior to reinstalling ?
  6. its a fresh install, drivers up to date, games up to date, only program running, temps never getting above 55c :( idk
  7. Weird.. Monitor the temps, using Hw monitor, then post back.
  8. cpu idle - 35c
    gpu idle - 32c
    cpu running crysis - 54c
    gpu running crysis - 63c

    actually it didnt stop responding this time, idk :/ not yet anyway
  9. nah it just froze -.- stopped responding :( got nothing to play :'(
    also the cpu fan is friggin LOUD! like 5000rpm ...
  10. I assume all your games are legit..
    Well, so it just crashes to desktop, and thats it ? What error msg ?
    Does it happen for all games ?
  11. yep
    yeah it crashes and it comes up with the ***.exe has stopped responding would you like to wait or close program box..
    it has happened for crysis and mafia 2, the only games i have atm.. and combat arms, which is free
  12. Are the games original ?
  13. yes
  14. Do you have all chipset drivers, motherboard drivers installed ?
  15. i should have :/ if it makes any difference i just got a bsod say im trying to execute non-executable memory -.- while playing combat arms.. no eror code though, just that
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    Well, i think it concerns ram then. try with each stick of ram at a time. It might be the culprit.
  17. ok, it seams when i run the game in safe mode i get a bsod and when in normal it stop responding.
    i got a 'driver_irql_not_less_or_equal' while playing on safe mode, so is it alright to assume i should reinstall all the drivers?
  18. Well try Reinstalling the drivers ..
  19. Sounds like you have RAM issues, try running MEM test and see if that helps
  20. I just took out the ram and then put it back in and i havn't had any troubles so far :P thankyu
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  22. Np. Enjoy ;)
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