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Hey there friends,

I've been considering coming back to WoW for some time now, and the new expansion makes it a very appealing idea. Question for you though, should I reactivate my old account with the level 60 Human Mage on it, or would I be better starting from scratch?
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  1. Since you haven't played since vanilla - you'd probably be better to just start over. But you can do that on your old account, especially if you have mats and stuff on your mage (anything not soulbound). Save them and use them for leveling up professions skills.

    But the game play, talents, spells and everything has changed SOOOOOOOO much since Vanilla, you'd have to relearn how to play and the best way to do that is start from level 1.
  2. Really? I'm mildly tempted to respec, if that's still doable. But yeah, I figured a ton has changed as far as ideal builds and tactics go. Human Mage was somewhat of a stretch even back then. ;)
  3. keep your account dual spec is only 10 gold now
  4. It has nothing to do with just "respec'ing". Entire talents are GONE. Some are moved and others changed. You don't get a talent point every level anymore. Talent trees only go up to the 31 point talent - and once you pick a tree you HAVE to put 31 in that tree before you can start another tree.

    Racial bonuses have been changed.

    Buffs have been changed.

    One of the Mage tree's even has a PET now!

    You can get your slow land mount at level 20 now. Your fast one at level 40. You can fly at level 58. PM me your email, I'll send you a scroll of Resurrection.
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