Best pc gaming headset for 120-150$

Hey, I was looking to buy a new pc gaming headset as right now im using a 20$ logitech. I will tell you what id like in one.

Durabilty: Because I dont wana buy the headset and have it break in a few months -.-

Sound quality: Good bass and life like sounds while playing racing games and fps's like BFBC2.

Comfortable: yeah... padded.

So ya, thats what I'm looking for.

And as i dont know much about computers, I dont know if soundcards are needed for good headsets to really show their true quality.

I have a Dell Inspiron 580 desktop with whatever sound card is in it....
But I dont want to get into sound cards, I just need to know what the best headset is for my budget that will provide the best quality.

BUDGET: $120.00-$150.00
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  1. You will need a sound card or at least support in your motherboard for 'surround' sound in order to take advantage of the best head sets.

    I personally have the Sennheiser PC 161's. They don't require you to have any sort of fancy audio setup and are durable. I've had them about 2 years and work perfectly fine, I was using them 4 nights a week for raiding in WOW for about a year no issues. The base in the head set isn't that great though and I don't believe they are really noise cancelling.

    As far as comfort goes they are pretty good, I could handle 4-5 hour WoW sessions without any issues.

    Just tossing in my two cents on my own head setup, I've provided a link if you are interested in checking them out.
  2. if you don't want sound card, than meybe it would be better for you if you search for a USB headset from either logitech, creative or plantronics...
    mybe would be best if you go to the respective web site and start from there - sometimes they have links to reviews which is very helpful when deciding sometihing that is very subjective - like sound quality
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