BF2 won't start...strange

I got the itch to start playing BF2 again so I re-installed it. Everything went fine. Got the 1.41 patch installed and decided to play servers with that version for a spell. It was working just fine for a few weeks....then poof. All the sudden it wouldn't start. I click the icon and the initial splash screen comes up, disappears, then nothing but the desktop. Won't boot up. I uninstalled it....uninstalled my video driver too. Cleaned everything BF2 out of my computer by uninstalling, deleting, etc. and running CCleaner. Ran a driver cleaner to rid my computer of the ATI driver and deleted everything related to ATI. I upgraded to a relatively newer and the most stable version of the Catalyst full software suite/ driver (9.2) for my old computer. I made sure my discs were clean before the reinstall of BF2. After all that its still not starting. I can't think of anything else. BTW I did not install Gamespy Arcade when asked, but that shouldn't matter. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Here are my specs.:

Dell Dimension 8300
P4 3.4 Extreme cpu
X1950 pro (AGP)
2 gigs RAM
PC Power & Cooling Silencer 410W psu
Samsung 22" monitor
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  1. Well...nobody responded but I discovered the solution in case anyone needs it someday. I loaded it on another computer in our house and the same thing happened. BF2 wouldn't start. I knew it had to be a program both computers use. Sure enough...I uninstalled Avira Anti-virus and BF2 booted right up. Apparently one of their recent updates killed BF2....disabling it was not enough. I loaded Microsoft Security Essentials. All is fine with BF2.
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