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Soon to be PS3 owner. I have some questions first though...

I am planning on buying myself a PS3.

I just have a few questions first:
1. Does the PS3 still require you to have a disk to watch netflix?
2. As far as I know, there is still no party system or cross-game-chat yet right? So, how do you play with friends without
these two critical things?
3. Currently, how is the PSN? Reliable? I want to play with friends on line. Does the PSN make this difficult?
4. Is any USB device compatible with the PS3? Specifically, I want to know if this headset works, with 5.1 surround and
voice chat... If not, are there any 5.1
headsets that do, and are below $80, that only need to plug into the ps3?
5. Will upgrading the harddrive to a 7200rpm, or a 5400rpm with larger cache increase system speed?
6. What racing game is currently the best on the ps3? I heard GT5 was only half finished, and I do not want a half finished
game even if that half is amazing...
7. I am probably going to be playing on a 21.5" 1080p monitor. I may be able to upgrade, but would prefer if I didn't have
to. Would this hamper my experience?
8. How is the web browser? Easy to use, quick, and compatible with most websites? Can I use google docs?
9. I highly doubt this one, but if it only does everything... Can I hook it up to a usb printer? That would be great, as I
wouldn't even need a PC if it can browse the web and print documents. ;)
10. Anything else you want to throw in, anything else I should know about the PS3?

These are the games I am planning on getting. I cannot really afford more, but if you know of a better game to replace one of them please make the suggestion:

Online Shooter:

Battlefield Bad Company 2
Killzone 2

Cooperative play:

Borderlands GOTY
Little Big Planet 2

Single Player:

Uncharted 2
Just Cause 2

Eventually I would like to add a flight and racing game to this. (Ideally forza and ace combat, but I don't think that will happen.) If you have any suggestions here, I would like them. I was thinking NFS:Shift and hawx 2, but I am not sure of their quality.

Thanks for any answers, and sorry if some of this seems obvious. :)

And Please, Please, Please, do not make this into one of those fanboy war-threads. Congratulations... You like a certain console, that doesn't make people who own the other your enemies...
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More about soon owner questions though
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    1. There is now a resident netflix app. The disk isn't required anymore.

    2. There is in-game chat, just not cross game chat, but I think it's in the works.

    3. I have had zero problems with PSN since I've owned my PS3 (3 years).

    4. Most USB storgae devices that are formatted as FAT32 are recognized. I don't think a head set will work as that requires drivers to be installed. A usb keyboard should work as long as it doesn't require special drivers.

    5. A 7200 rpm drive is not recommended as it will create more heat inside the PS3. Upgrading the drive will not increase performance, just the amount of disk space you have to work with.

    6. I don't usually play racing games. I only have split second, but it's more of an arcade racing game.

    7. This is a matter of choice. Some people don't mind playing on smaller screens. Mine is hooked up to my 46" Sony Bravia LCD TV.

    8. I've never used the browser.

    9. I don't think you can use a printer as it requires a driver.

    10. The PS3 makes a good media center, especially if you have a Win 7 computer on your network. I stream audio & video from my computer through my PS3 all the time.

    I'd get Uncharted: Drake's Fortune before getting Uncharted 2. There is a lot of character development in the 1st Uncharted that carrys over to the second game. Both are very good games.
  2. Thanks for the reply. So, is there any headset you know of that would be good on the PS3? I cannot spend more than $80 on it, and would prefer if it had 5.1 surround sound.

    And anyone one else who can provide your opinions on the original questions, please do.
  3. I just use the standard PS3 branded headset (around $40). It's just an earpiece like the bluetooth headsets you can get for cell phones.

    If you check or other online retailers, I'm sure there are quite a few 3rd party headsets for the PS3. Madkatz seems to make a lot of stuff for them. I've never really looked for them because I have my audio running through my 5.1 surround stero system for the game sounds and the voice audio comes though my headset.
  4. I wouldn't mind using a normal headset, besides the fact that I do not want to disturb others in the house while gaming. I also do not want to miss out on quality audio because I have to use a headset. I know of quite a few good headsets, but if the ps3 cannot download drivers then I guess I cannot use those. I will probably end up getting an overpriced turtle-beach one made specifically for the PS3.
  5. Just because you can't install drivers doesn't mean a device can't be made to work with the PS3. Look at Rock Band & Guitar Hero. They use a USB dongle to run wirelessly. The drivers are contained in the dongle. So, perhaps they make USB wireless headsets for the PS3. I just haven't checked for any because I'm satisfied with the earpiece. Hopefully you can find something.
  6. Yeah, I know of some that do in fact work for the PS3, but they are slightly overpriced. I will probably still get them though, because I know they work. Thanks for the help.
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