Cs:source FPS drops freeze

Hello all

I play Cs:source and my problem is really annoying fps drops while in combat ( like 4-5 players in action )

When there is smoke around or bomp planted game freeze suddenly and continues. Fps drops like 40-50.

Also when I alt tab and return the game sound freeze.

I need your help thank you

Here is the system:

Graphic card : GTX460
CPU : Quad6600 2.40
RAM : (2 + 2 + 2 + 2 ) 800mhz
MOther Board : Gigabyte ga-p43-es3g
PSU : Asus 650W
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  1. What OS are you using? You can patch or update the game to remove bugs like that
  2. using win7 64bit

    HDD causes that kind of FPS issues?
  3. "Crowds" kill FPS. Period. End of discussion. There are some classic CS tweaks that might help. Follow this link.....


    Also, you can defrag the game files (an option within Steam), which might help a little. Play with the settings within CS:S. Sometimes MORE AA & AF can increase performance.

    Is vsync turned off?

    Try that and get back to me. I was a beta CS'er. I've been tweaking the crap out of HL, CS and DOD for years.
  4. csync is off and I tried defrag and re-installed the nothing changed.

    This FPS drops are sux seriosly I can't even aim :S
  5. are the latest GPU drivers installed?
  6. graphic card installed
  7. Do you have all relevant drivers for the pc ?
    Try patching the game.
    What is your ping/latency in general?
  8. 30-40 ping

    mainboard: yes
    graphic card: yes

    what drivers do I need ?
  9. That should be enough- well the lag isnt caused by your connection- Its the hardware or software - Patch ?
    Also monitor your temps- using hw monitor-
  10. graphic card temp: 65

    CPU : all of them between 40-50

    latest patch downloaded

    problem on HDD causes that kind of problem? should I buy a new one since it's not expensive
  11. Do you play any other games ?
    what makes you think its the hdd ?
    Do you see the hdd slow on copy/paste - to open files- ?
    If no then- not the hdd..
  12. I play world of warcraft and fps is not good enough there. I don't know maybe cuz of my CPU is old? I know some ppl from game who use the same CPU and get 300 fps :S
  13. Both your cpu/gpu are good-
    So wow is also not good /fps ?
    Then definitely an issue there-
  14. yeah wow has fps problem 2. WoW is ok but FPS reduce @CS is sux
  15. still need help
  16. What resolution? What graphics settings within CS?
  17. 1680 X 1050 Everything is high

    AA: none
    Filtering: tril
    Multicore: enable

    The problem is not res or settings. I searched STEAM forum and read guide about FPS. I dowloaded casey's cfg, done launch options.

    with everything low and FPS cfg, my FPS starts 150-200 and suddenly drops 50-60 during combat, smoke, FB when bomp plant game freeze. I got the same results with everything high.

    I don't know I guess my 4 years old HDD is dead. Because, I made benchmark and got 21k points ( I don't if it is good or not ) on bench test max temp: 79

    GPU temp: 65 in game
    checked HDD with HDD tune pro. Nothing
    downloaded new mainboard and nvidia drivers still same.
  18. Your hard drive is getting to 79*c? That's not good.

    65*c on the GPU is fine. I'm maxed at 62*c on my GPU with no issues.

    I think its a combo of several issues.... Slower RAM, slower CPU and hard drive heat. The GPU can only do so much.

    My last machine was a 6000+(3.0ghz), 3gb DDR2 and the SAME vid card as you. I got good performance in CS:S, but when the action kicked up, I dropped from the 130 fps down into the 60-70 range. I didn't have the bomb plant issue.

    Have you tried OC'ing that CPU? Why is your HDD getting so hot?
  19. GPU benchmark test temp= 79 that was not HDD
    I have some friends with same setup and they play 250+ FPS without drop. MY new HDD will come tomorrow " WD 7200 rpm 32 cache " I will try it and will right the results
  20. 79*c on the GPU is hot. That's 174*F to put it in perspective.

    Do you have any air flow coming in directly on the GPU? Exhaust?
  21. there is no direct fan to GPU. 65 C when I play game.

    I changed my HDD to WD 7200 rpm 32cache. I loged in to the CS:S FPS was 250+ when in action it reduce 150+ which is really nice for me.
    But at night same problem agan :S FPS around 150 when in aciton 80-90.
    what is wrong with that fckin PC!
  22. still need help
  23. DUDE!!! 80-90 is FINE. Not sure how much more you expect to get out of your system. You should see no visible decrease in performance. When multiple players come into your field of view, you need to download and process a ton more memory than just the environment. And with 32 player servers, you are talking about A LOT of action and a lot of memory movement.

    Here's my setup....
    AMD 955 BE (OC'd 4.0ghz) with 212+ cooler.
    4gb DDR3 1333mhz RAM
    PNY XLR8 Superclocked GTX 460 1GB
    Ultra 850w PSU

    CS:S Settings - Everything high/maxed, 1280x1024 resolution.
    FRAPS report: 89 FPS min, 178 max.

    Only thing you need to do is keep your FPS above 60. Its only at that point will you notice the game running slow.

    If you want more performance, you need to either OC that CPU or get faster RAM.

    The ONLY thing I think is "wrong" is the GPU temp. That is high. But it sounds like your performance is just fine.
  24. omgwtfimcow said:
    there is no direct fan to GPU. 65 C when I play game.

    I changed my HDD to WD 7200 rpm 32cache. I loged in to the CS:S FPS was 250+ when in action it reduce 150+ which is really nice for me.
    But at night same problem agan :S FPS around 150 when in aciton 80-90.
    what is wrong with that fckin PC!

    Ok.... After my last post, I read your post again. Only 2 other POSSIBLE things I can think of....

    1) You in college? You get to play during the day? If that's the case, it could be bandwidth. I remember playing CS back in my college days during the DAY and getting better performance during the DAY because I had more bandwidth. Pings were lower. At night, when everyone was on their PCs, the performance wasn't as good. It didn't improve until much later at night when people started going to sleep.

    2) If you are playing during the day, servers tend to not be as full. If you jump into a lot of 32 player games, try playing 16 player max games and see how the performance is.

    3) If the game runs great when you 1st boot up, but slowly the performance drops as the computer stays on, it really could be a HEAT issue. The heat is building in your machine and has no where to go. So as the day goes on, the GPU heats up quicker and quicker. But once you shut it down, it cools all the way down.
  25. I tested my FPS on the server which has no players.

    First, it was 299 FPS when I look far away FE: long A @d2 it reduced 200

    second, it was 130 FPS when I look long A @2 it reduced 90

    as I said no1 was on server only me.

    CPU temp: 4 cores between 45-50 C
    GPU temp: 65 C

    I don't think its about bandwidth since its only about my hardware or software dunno.

    They are the resukts of empty server. Waiting for comments and solutions thnx
  26. Ok the temps are fine. Was the 1st and 2nd on the same server?
  27. same server yes
  28. disable Multicore.
  29. olin9 said:
    disable Multicore.

    Wasn't that a hotfix for 1.6? Source is newer...

    What power supply are you running?
  30. 600w asus
    I don't know if helps here is a SS


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  31. Could you screen shot the Nvidia Control Panel and show me what the global settings are set to?
  32. I'm sorry it's Turkish :(
    I don't think it's about GPU because all settings = high performance not quality
    even if I lower the resolution in game results still same
    so there is nothing wrong with the rams?
  33. khubani said:
    Wasn't that a hotfix for 1.6? Source is newer...

    What power supply are you running?

    Nope, it is a fix for Left For Dead that had the same issue.

    Q6600 with Multicore enabled. had the same issue.
  34. I want to mention about something which is about my CPU.

    When I close 2 CPU for CS:S still getting same FPS when I close 1 still same

    I mean, 4 core or 2 or 3 = no diffirence :S
  35. hello again

    I got my zalman cooler and installed ( my first OC ) after I pushed start button nothing happened. I checked cables and tried agan PC opened but nothing on screen. Then I began to change Ram slots and it worked. Now when I open PC it opens and shut down for 2-3 secs then work agan.

    Core temp in game: 50+

    1- is that normal?
    2- 3.0 ghz CPU and still same FPS issue what did I do wrong?
    3- Rams cause that issue? is it only what I think now
    4- What is that shut down while opening?

    Ty for comments
  36. are u running on a wireless connection? this might sound weird but that was happening to me and i did a million things to try to fix it and when i plug in my network instead of wireless it fixed it :S its weird
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