Transfer BC2 profile to new harddrive?


I have a specific question and was not sure how else to ask it.

I purchased battlefield bad company 2 for PC and everything installed and played fine. However, I have since replaced my harddrive and no longer have that harddrive installed in my computer that had BC2 on it. I also do not have the game box anymore which had the CDkey.

What I am wondering is if there is a way to download the client to my new harddrive and transfer my profile to the new harddrive. Even if it required purchasing the game again (Although hopefully not). I just do not want to have to start over from scratch when I had my profile built up in multiplayer already.

Please respond as soon as possible, I am trying to get this squared away before BC2 Vietnam releases.

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  1. your mp profile is not stored locally. you just have to log in again once you reinstall the game
  2. What jefe323 said. Just install the game again weather its buying it or downloading it and log in
  3. you wont have to buy it again i reinstalled bc2 on my comp atleast 5 times vista >7>xp>vista>7>xp again... and the mp profile is stored on activisions server so you dont have to worry
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