G4 Wont boot

my g4 wont boot and need help I know with windows you can use a recovery disk but what do I use with a Mac
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  1. There's a recovery disk for mac also. You have to find a recovery disk online specifically for that line ex. iBook G4 recovery disk. But it would be hard finding one.

    But do you know why you're not booting
  2. If you can’t find your recovery disk I would recommend finding a copy online not that I am implying that you illegally download it. If you can get hold of a Tiger installation disk then you can install it on any PowerPC G4. I know you can install Leopard on certain G4 models but you might find it hard to burn the copy that you have backed up on to a single layer disk as the file would be too large to fit on the disk. I should mention that the tiger installation wont task for a serial number so there is no need to rummage around looking for the one you own.
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