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Crysis Warhead Problems

i installed Warhead.but it didnt open..all tha time comes error msg "Application need to Close". i clicked ok. but core and Crysis exe is running in Task manager.i cannot stop it...i dont know what to do...i m using Windows 7 and my graphic card z ENGTS 250 1Gb.and my RAM is 2GB..i dnt know what to do......
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  1. Are you using a legal copy of the game?
  2. ^^^ Legit ?
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    For the task manager just click that Process above next to Application and look for that crysis.exe and hit the End process button below, eventually it will stop.
  4. no...its not...its not a legal copy also...but my friend install tha game same DVD and he was played the game....
  5. We can't help if its not legit-
    Get legit-
    Its whats causing the problems-
  6. You won't get help here on illegal copies. Tom's Hardware does not encourage piracy. Buy the original.
  7. Buy the game.
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