Debate between 2 keyboards

debate between sidewinder x6 and g110

I am going to get one of the 2 and they both look pretty good. the most important thing is the illumination. At the moment I have and articosa and not having a backlit keyboard bugs me when playing in the dark.

the features I like on the Logitech are the USB, and audio jacks built in it, and on the microsoft I like the cruise control button (a lot) and the removeable number pad is kind of neat. My setup is red so the color of the light isnt an issue, im just having a tough time deciding.

Also, I can't decide between an ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 or Creative X-fi Titanium, any ideas on that?
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  1. Not sure about the keyboard but I recommend Asus for Sound Cards. I've not had much amazing performance with Creative and also had a few issues.

    Asus all the way for Sound Cards in my opinion. If I were you I'd get the Xonar D2 as its worth the extra 5-10 pounds/dollars.
  2. I prefer the logitech myself (I have the G510), but both are good keyboards. I wouldn't be surprised if both are made in the same factory.
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