Cod black ops probs...

hey these are my system specs...
c2d @ 1.8 ghz
1.5 gb ram
gtx 460 1 gb
600w psu
asus xonar d1


the game play (as in when im controlling my character) is smooth with 25 fps as my minimum but the starting movies treyarch and activison ad are at times smooth but lag for a long time sometimes even the movies in the game ( not the cutscenes).. ac2 brother hood works fine games with even higher minimum requirements run fine bfbc2 runs fine..... wats rong with bo is it my cpu or ram.. pls tell me and suggest the lowest cost upgrade pls
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  1. Well black ops isnt well written/programmed, stuttering occurs in many systems// Try the patch, it will increase performance in most cases. Also, what brand psu is it. Your cpu might be bottlenecking your gpu..
  2. Your cpu is not enough to handle the black ops game. If you overclocked you might get good result but however black ops runs smooth mostly on quadcores.
  3. mine is no quad its a 3-4 yr old core 2 duo... my friend has a core 2 quad and 2 8800gt(s) in sli and it works smoothly.... i think the problem is my cpu... so if i do overclock it till what can i do that my current vcore is @ 1.8v and fsb @800.3 and my mobo wont let me oc.. which suxxx so what is a good decent low cost mobo with a single pci-e 16x slot and loves to be ocd.. m-atx ff

    have a look at my local hardware vendors page i really dont want to increase the vcore btw
  4. my cpu is a e4300 intel
  5. i heard my processor can be ocd till 3.0 ghz
  6. I was running a 6000+ 3.0ghz BE/4 GB DDR2/GTX 460 1GB and the game was BARELY playable.

    Now I am running a 955 BE oc'd to 3.5ghz/4 GB DDR3/Same vid card. The difference is mindblowing. I wish I knew how much yesterday's patch affected the gameplay.
  7. thx for the advice but intel 3hz is atleast = amds 4ghz cpus... so now i need a new mobo for overclocking tell me is this mobo good??? Asus P5G41C-M-LX 8GB DDR3 Intel Motherboard
  8. and is it ddr 2 compatible??
  9. Compatible, yeah. Playable.... Different story.

    I now have my 955 BE OC'd to 4.0ghz... I'm pretty much flatlined at 100fps, but when the action heats up it still drops into the low 60s.

    This game needs power to run. But if you have it, the game is incredible. I'm not crazy about the knifing or some of the prone tactics, but the graphics are stellar and I love the XP.
  10. i agree but i could put up with the laggy movies guess i have to oc.. i finished the game now!! it is awesum the best COd ever...and yes my cpu is bottlenecking my gpu.. i knew that long ago ... but now i need a new mobo is my selection good??
    and which of these would you prefer and do any one of them have a pci-e lock??

    Asus P5G41T-M LX 8GB DDR3

    Asus P5G41C-M-LX 8GB DDR3
  11. and i have a cooler master earthwatts 600w psu
  12. Are you getting a new mobo but sticking with the same CPU???
  13. i will oc it!! my current oem mobo sux at evrything and also due to buget cuts but does my selection have the pci-e lock??
  14. Ok. You know, CPU wise, you can pick up something 4x more powerful for next to nothing right now....

    Sorry, don't know about the PCI-E lock on those mobos. Checked the ASUS site and it says nothing about it.
  15. turs out as you increase the fsb on the mobo the pci-e slot speeds go up as well and as you increse th fsb more and more the pci-e slot stops working... which is where the pci-e lock comes in ... them do you know any mobos out there with the pci-e lock and cheap in a m-atx format...
  16. btw my buget wont let me get a new cpu spent a lot on psu+gpu upgrade
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