Which is the best RTS game of all time according to you?

For me ---> Age of Empires 2+Conquerors expansion pack still rules. :love:

And I think that this game has still the most beautifully modeled and rendered units. ( be it a paladin , onager, arbalest or a trabuchet and their animations were just too good and even now )
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  1. World in Conflict: Best mainstream-style RTS of all time and 2nd best game overall

    +Outstanding game design = no dead moments, every 10s there is something going on
    +Great tactical depth
    +Very close teamwork required
  2. Age of Empires was good, I also really liked the Homeworld Series. Shogun is a great strategy game too.
  3. Special place in my heart for Age of Empires 1 and 2. We had marathon multiplayer sessions in the dorms. Alliance, betrayals, tech exchanges agreed upon over ICQ then only to be double crossed once 20 villagers showed up to build towers to 'protect' your allies.

    Lately though even though its not a traditional RTS is Total War. I just got the Total War Mega Pack on Steam. BTW this has to be at least 4th time I have purchased Rome, 2nd time for Medieval 2, and 2nd for Empire.
  4. Total War has got to be my favorite, the mix of campaign tactics and battle tactics makes it a much more unique experience.
  5. For its time warcraft 2 was revolutionary and set out how gameplay and controls work in an RTS even now. The best for multi player now I think is Starcraft 2 (the 1st one was amazing in its day as well) for single player the total war games are great, I preferred Empire and Napoleon to Shogun 2 and my favourite for its time was Medieval 2.
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