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Hey guys, I recently downloaded a trial version of World of Warcraft only to find that I have the most insane lag I have ever experienced (literally around 0.3 FPS) with apparently no reason on any of the graphic settings. If I enter a building where there is not much going on the lag completely stops and I'm fine, it seems to be either other players or the outside world that generates the lag. I played both Civilization V and Need for Speed: Shift on max graphics with no problems so...

I don't think it is my internet as I recently upgraded to Fibre-Optics with BT Infinity, and confirms a 35Mbit download and 7Mbit upload which highlights the Home Hub 2.0 as the problem. Is there any fixes anybody knows of, or a way to work around it? If not does anybody know of a suitable replacement router from a brand that actually makes decent routers?

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  1. Its most likely your CPU. What one do you have?
  2. A lovely old Phenom 9500, I was thinking that for a period too but then I started reading things about Home Hubs being incompatible with almost everything. As I said, I can run Need for Speed: Shift on max with no problems, and that is quite a physics intensive game.
  3. Yea, WoW relies ALOT on the CPU unlike other games. I had the same problem as you. I went from a Pentium 4 to an AMD Phenom2 6 core and I have no problems now. No lag at all.
  4. I am in the process of changing to a Phenom II X4 965 anyway, but I have done my research on this and the load on each core is only around 30 - 40% while playing. The fact that I have been able to run LOTRO with relatively no problems also suggests the Home Hub is to blame , as that is a very similar game.
  5. its most likely not your CPU, as i can run WoW using a laptop's Intel Centrino Duo processor
  6. Sure WoW can run on his CPU, but Shadowsken said that the lag happens when there are many other characters in his location. Thats where the CPU plays a big part.
  7. Processing power is generally related with most of the mathematics in a game (collisions, physics based problems etc.). Having a lot of people standing still does not require calculations of any kind, but their position is constantly being relayed through your internet and yours to them, hence me believing this to be router related.
  8. mwohrlin said:
    Sure WoW can run on his CPU, but Shadowsken said that the lag happens when there are many other characters in his location. Thats where the CPU plays a big part.

    His CPU is only one generation behind yours, considering that my processor is about 1/3 the power of his and i do not lag unless im rendering a new part of the map, its more than likely is home hub.
  9. Yea, your probably right now that I think about it. I just was thinking CPU because after I upgraded, my lag issues went away and I have read that WoW is more CPU driven than GPU driven. I was thinking if it was a hub issue, then he would experience latency, not lag though.
  10. When I said Hub issue, I meant an actual issue between my outbound and the inbound WoW traffic rather than a slow connection etc. I have been reading around on the internet and found that many people seem to have issues with the Home Hub so a replacement is probably my best bet.
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