Hello, My husband and I recently bought a Sharp Aquos 60" TV. I tried to play my xbox 360 on it the other day and found that there's a significant delay from the controller to the screen, so much that I can't even play right. We went out and bought an HDMI cable hoping that would fix the issue, but it did not. Help please!!
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  1. Your TV probably has a large delay time, something you need to look into when buying an HDTV. Most have an AV or Gaming mode that you can put it into. You can try changing the refresh rate to 60Hz if you can as well. If neither of those are an option you may be stuck with it. Ideally you should pick up a TV with 2-4ms or a dedicated gaming mode.

    Also, try a wired connection with your controller. That could help get you in a playable delay range.
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