HELP: PC Headset on PS3, Monitor Setup

I recently got a PS3 and am wondering if this is possible.

I play on my computer monitor through HDMI, there are no component cables.

I have a SteelSeries Siberia Headset that uses 3.5mm jacks (1 for the mic, 1 for the headset).

Is it possible to plug these into my PS3 somehow with an adapter like.. 3.5mm to USB?
and get ingame sounds and be able to communicate?

Thanks in advance, I would really appreciate a solution to this.
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  1. They make adapters for 3.5mm to USB. I'm not sure it will work with a PS3 though. they also make 3.5mm to bluetooth adapters. As I said, I don't know of anyone using them with a PS3 so I'm not sure if it will work with it.
  2. Can i go about doing this?

    1.RCA (female) to 3.5mm

    2.Then connect the end of that to a headphone amplifier like..

    3.Then plug the other end of the Headphone Amplifier to my Headphones

    Can I still use my HDMI cable for video?

    I understand this is all for just audio

    So could i plug my mic 3.5mm into something like a 3.5mm to USB

    But I would only be plugging the mic port to that and connecting it to the PS3, so there will be an empty headphone port. Will it still work?

    Will this setup work?
  3. According to this post, a USB adapter will work as long as it doesn't require special drivers.
  4. You may need a mixer like the Astro Mixamp for game and chat audio through the PS3. It is pricey but will do what you want.

    I think the way you are trying will not have game audio. Hard to tell without actually trying it.
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