Huge lagg issues

when playing MW2 SP in special ops,in evasion (being sneaky) my fps bottoms out at 6-7 and has a high of 10-11. now, this is whenever i go over to my friends house and use my machine, i hit issues like this. beforehand, i would get 40-55 fps, and my fps massively dropped for no apparent reason. no new programs, no temperature issues, no issues that i can see. no new parts either.

GFX Setting:

Resolution: 1280x800 - Native is 1440x900
Aspect Ratio: Auto
Anti-Aliasing: Off
Refresh Rate:60Hz
VSync: Off
Shadows: Yes
Specular Map: Yes
Depth Of Field: Yes
Soften Smoke Edges: Yes
Ragdoll: No
Bullet Impacts: Yes
Texture Quality: Auto

My Specs:
Proprietary Lenovo ATX LGA775 MB
Intel E8400 Wolfdale @3.00Ghz
Stock heatsink
Nvidia Geforce 9600 (BFGTech)
Seagate 320GB HD
Generic DVD drive
Antec Earthwatts 750
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  1. Try reinstalling the game, probably due to updates on softwares.
  2. *NEW INFO*

    I have also noticed that the sound in the game is horrid and is very choppy, with regular sounds with a propeller-plane like echoing.
    any ideas?

    and yes, i will reinstall.
  3. Mkay, Reinstalling did nothing.
    any ideas?

    fraps'ed a vid,:
  4. Bump....
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    * Bump posts, claim "first!"

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