kt7 raid, tbird800 and 2x burner

hi guys, i'm having a little trouble with my cd writer, seems it just won't burn a disk, buffer underruns even after i dedicate 128 mb of memory to the buffer. I accidentally installed the via bus mastering driver, but uninstalled it with the exe. This was happening before I did that though. Any ideas?

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  1. I've got a Plextor burner on my KT7-Raid and it works ok. I have had it hooked up as a slave on the same cable as a cdrom and had this cable work fine in both the Primary and Secondary IDE controllers. I've also had it set up as the master on the Secondary IDE controller and it worked fine.

    I haven't tried hooking it up to the Highpoint controller yet so I can't tell you if it works there.
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