Kt7 Raid and a Geforce2MX freezing

After a long night of trying to figure this out... I decided to come to this message board...

I just bought a KT7 Raid with a thunderbird 1ghz. Everything installs fine, but when I attempt to run a 3d application (Half-life, Quake3) the machine locks up.
I've already tried increasing the I/O voltage and that seemed to let it run a couple seconds longer. Video Bios Shadowing is disabled I just don't know what else to try. Please help.

My specs:
prophet mx II
athlon T-bird 1ghz
Kingston Pc100 128 meg
Kingston Pc133 128 Meg

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  1. I had the same problem buddy.. You need to do this. make sure your card is not sharing any IRQ's with the sound card or any other hardware. Then you need to disable fastwrites within the bios. make your video aperature to about half of what your installed ram is. Disabling fastwrites is the biggest thing. Also, taking it down to 2X AGP will make thigns more stable, even if your card and tyhe board support 4X AGP. Hope this helps you
  2. im just going out on a limb here but I can't help but notice you have two different speeds of ram in your machine.

    you might want to try taking out the pc100 ram and see if that helps. in fact you may run faster at 128mb @ pc133 then 256mb @ pc100 which is what you will have to run at with both chips in.
  3. Its ok to have different speed of the ram.. only all ram will run at the speed of lowest speed of ram. His ram will only run at 100... but other than that, his machine looks fine. Its that whole via chipset and the KT7 board that is the cause of problems
  4. And what about VIA OS drivers? I had the same problem until just installed VIA4in1 pack

    Sory about English
    Kristo Vel Mefisto
  5. I would still take out the ram first.
    I have a similar setup and am running fast writes and agp 4x with no problems.

    the new 4 in 1 drivers is a good idea if he hasn't installed them yet

    also, Lordkevii, if your using acpi then you won't be able to change any irq settings without disabling that. disabling acpi can lead to a 10C rise in cpu idle temp (did in my case) because it throttles the cpu and when i tried to re-enable it windows died and i had to format my system drive.

    troubleshooting 101, start with the easyest solutions first.
  6. I was wondering if your system would freeze in BIOS, my was freezing in OS (98) I was fighting with it for 3 weeks and I just found out that if freezes in BIOS as well... Just go to BIOS and let it sit for about 5min. I did swap all the components, changed video card from AGP to PCI, changed memory, tried different memory slots, changed power supplies, pulled out motherboard from the case, reseated the CPU, flashed BIOS, double checked the temp sensor under the CPU for proper contact, tried all CMOS settings... still freezes in BIOS
  7. Folks, my kt7 raid was freezing for a few seconds at a time when playing games and doing other types of processing as well. I found out my maxtor 30Gb was running as fast as a cdrom, put in another drive and it was marginally better, but the freezing was still there.

    So I put on the latest bios the kt7_ww and I noticed a significant improvement. THe freezing is now gone.

    The kt7_ww is only available at the ftp site.
  8. I'm running WW BIOS, by the way I use SCSI drives. No problems with transfers.
    Thanks for the idea.
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