AGP v1.0 but speed is 2x ??


As Arrow told me previously, i installed SiSoft SANDRA to detect my mobo's AGP version.

SANDRA says:
- Version: 1.00
- Bus Speed: 67 Mhz
- Current Data Transfer Rate: 2x (134 Mhz)
- Side Band enabled: Yes
- Fast-Writes enabled: No
- Aperture Size: 64MB

The mobo in question is a P2XBL Rev. D+ :/

I want to buy an Asus V7100 GeForce 2 MX 32mb and i want to know if its going to work with my mobo?!

Asus site says it works on Agp 2x/4x but i dont know if my mobo is 1x or 2x !! Please explain me this, i need to play Quake3! :D

Thanks in advance guys.

another newbie dusts the bite
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  1. Version is different from Data Transfer Rate. One of my systems has a P3V4X with v2.00 AGP and running at 4X transfer rate (GeForce2MX). I think you will be okay with that Asus card, since your motherboard seems to be able to support at least AGP 2x.

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  2. Thx, you were a real help.

    Im going to buy the card tomorrow. If it doesnt work, i'll make sure you understand what they mean when they say "hell on earth!".


    another newbie dusts the bite
  3. yeah the BX chipset supports 2x AGP..

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