World of Warcraft/ SCII random slowdowns

My framerate when I'm playing SCII or Wow is usually at 60, but every couple minutes it will slowdown to below 15, sometimes close to 3 fps. I have no idea what triggers these slowdowns, but the game randomly recovers half a minute later, even with large amounts of intense particle effects and large numbers of actions on screen. This issue appears to happen just as often on the Ultra graphics setting as the lowest possible graphics setting. Any ideas as to what may cause this issue?

The laptop is a dell studio xps 1645
Intel Core i7 CPU Q720 @ 1.60
8GM ram
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670
Windows 7

Thanks very much,
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  1. Download hwmonitor and let it run in the background while you play the game, and post max gpu and cpu temps here
  2. I installed hwmonitor and played the game till I got one big slowdown. The temperatures listed for the graphics card got up to 85 and 87 from somewhere in the 60s when not slowing down. The quad cores got up to 89 at the highest and 84 for the lowest of the 4.

    I googled normal temperatures for both and it looks like the graphics card might be too hot?
    Thanks in advance,
  3. I'm a big WoW player and I also play on a laptop. The only times I see my framerates drop is when my latency skyrockets or a background program starts eating into system resources (like antivirus programs do). I see you're running windows 7 (I also had this problem gaming on windows 7) there is a fix to it. Follow the attached link & follow the instructions posted on the link. You should see your gaming latency improve & the framerate stutters go away.
  4. If your hardware is getting too hot then try a cooler (if you don't already have one). My brother has an Acer that will only play games while on a cooler. A lot of people sssay they're over rated, but they do work.
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