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ABIT KT7 newbie questions

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January 3, 2001 2:53:28 AM

AMD 1 GHz Thunderbird
IBM Deskstar on 1st RAID channel
ASUS 50x CD on IDE Primary Master

Ok I've got the BIOS setup pretty well, HDD formatted, Win 98se installed. I won't belabor my half hour search for the damn shrink wrap that had the authenticity key on it.

1. What's wrong with this picture? ABIT manual talks about running the 4-in-1 update before installing VGA driver. Ok, so I installed version 4.23 from the CD, only the AGP VxD (turbo) and VIA ATAPI updates. The readme says not to do the other 2 if you're using Win98se. All goes well. But when I look on p.A-4 of the manual, bottom left window, I see 4 system device items which I'm guessing is what it's supposed to look like if everything's setup right. The two I don't have are "VIA Tech CPU to AGP Controller" and "VIA Tech Standard CPU to PCI Bridge". What did I do wrong?

2. Is there supposed to be an 800x600 screen resolution available before I install my video card drivers (ASUS V7700)? If so where the devil is the driver for it? My display adapter shows VGA is installed, only 640x480 is avail tho.

3. I wisely downloaded the latest 4-in-1 patch and put it on a floppy. Problem is, my system is a clean slate w/no unzip software. Will it mess up anything if I install this update after loading my video drivers, sound drivers, etc.? Or should I get my cable modem installed and download the patch before messing with more video and sound drivers.

4. Before the Win98se splash screen comes up, it shows Primary Master as my IBM HDD, no other devices on primary or secondary. Any clue why my CD-ROM isn't showing up here?

5. How can I tell if the VIA USB and MS USB patches "took"?

Thanks in advance for any help. I've spent a lot of time researching, but it's a little different when you actually start plugging stuff in and windows are flying everywhere At least I haven't blown anything up yet, CPU is running at a refreshing 29 degrees C.

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January 4, 2001 2:37:35 PM

OK, here we go.

If you're having problems setting up your ABIT KT7, everything you need is right here. All you have to do is look.

First, the FAQ: This thing covers just about anythigg you could want, and if it don't let the author know and he'll look into it for you. This board has an awesome community supporting it.

If you still need a little more help than an FAQ can give you, Apushardware has a step-by-step explaination of every setting in the BIOS at

Please note that I am not affiliated with any online hardware site, but can be easily bought. (hint!)