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I am looking for a new game and want to buy Bad Company 2 Battlefeild but I wanna know if I will be able to use a controller to play or does it only work with keyboard/mouse???
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  1. No it works with everything.
  2. Why on earth would you use a controller on the PC version, the mouse keyboard combo gives you so much more precision. Give it a few hours with keyboard/mouse and you will never want to go back.
  3. ^^ Use keyboard/mouse- But to answer your Qs, yes it will work /
  4. i have the xbox 360 controller , that will be ok????
  5. ye, some people are actually far much better on the gamepad, and as always tracking is actually a lot more convienient on the gamepad.
  6. actually the PC version of BFBC2 dosent support controllers
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