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Error code 0x80070570 installation

Acer Aspire 1410 netbook.

Started getting BSOD after windows update(aug 28th)....

Tried system restore.... :got error messages(hung on for 5 hrs) or BSOD
tried factory restore from: no luck...

Finally thought of clean install. form DVD : error code 0x80070570
got another DVD: error code 0x80070570
use USB drive :error code 0x80070570

Tried loading xp professional; : BSOD everytime....

Did try chkdsk /f : fixed errors
Formatted the drive: still same issues......

HELP............ THANKS in advance...!!
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    Turn off all overclocking and turbo boost in BIOS.
    You may have some bad ram in the sysyem. Try installing with 1 stick
  2. Didnt work with both.... :( ...
    Looks like hard-disk error.. had to send it to ACER....... haven't heard from them yet.
    Thanks to all.
  3. maybe CHKDSK/r would have been better
    that error can be caused by bad memory, or a bad disk, when did the error pop up during expanding the files or when?
  4. Yes, the error was at expanding...! Well it went back to Acer now.
    Thanks for you post.
  5. Thanks all guys for your suggestion, Finally it turned out to be the "memory". Got it replaced.
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