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Games and Avira Anti Virus

Hi y'all!

Earlier, I was running an intel Cor2Qad@2.33Ghz, GTS250 1gb, 4gb ddr2 RAM, 500gb HDD, 1024x768 res. I had Norton Antivirus. I was really kicked with the performance (having upgraded from a 9400GT). The games were all running smooooth (CODMW 1&2, BFBC2, Metro 2033, Batman AA, etc)

I upgraded my rig to the present specs (see signature). Somehow, I'm not truly happy with the performance for the following reasons:

1. Game lags slightly in Medal of Honour 2010, CODMW1, BFBC2
2. NFS Hot Pursuit shows artifacts but only when driving at full speed
3. L4D2 problems with connecting to servers, wasn't there in the earlier rig

Note: The artifacting is 'only' in NFS:HP. Both Crysis games run perfectly at max settings, so I'm assuming the GPU is alright and there's some interference by the anti-virus software, which I believe happens sometimes. See for eg:

My question therefore, will switching to Norton 2011 help? I know it does slow down the rig, but I'm assuming again that my rig is fast enough and shouldn't get bottlenecked. I've kinda always liked Norton, despite the critics.

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  1. Thanks for that. My previous rig had vista 32-bit. With my new rig, I put in Win 7 ultimate 64-bit, so there was a complete format of the HDD. I did disable the antivirus and it was better, at least in L4D2.

    I did try to play around a bit with the nVidia control panel, but not nhancer. Will give it a shot too. Thanks for pointing that out.

    In the meanwhile, with the current setup, if I were to get Norton 2011, would there be a performance issue on the OS/ softwares, etc?
  2. Use vipre antivirus lowest on resources!
  3. I use Avast absolutely no intrfrcne or anything..
  4. oops2001 said:
    I use Avast absolutely no intrfrcne or anything..

    I second this one..Avast is user friendly, no interferance, secured and absolutely FREE!!!
  5. Thanks for that. Would it help if I switched from win 64-bit to win 32-bit?
  6. namelessonez said:
    Thanks for that. Would it help if I switched from win 64-bit to win 32-bit?

    Nope! Your using 4-gig RAM. 32 bit OS wont utilize that..
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    64-bit OSes and programs are more Memory efficient.
    If you load a Photoshop 32 bit it will use 70MB + somthing of memory.
    If you load a photoshop 64 bit it will use 48MB + somthng of memory.
    And it applies to all the programs running on 64 bit architecture that are native 64 bit applications, ITS very little faster than 32 Bit right now ( but it will be more faster in future with better codings and stuff) but more memory efficient and its the future as the RAM demands are almost 4GB+ and it will increase in the future.
    So a 64 Bit version of AVAST would run good more efficiently and use less resources (RAM and CPU) with a 64 Bit OS and 64 Bit architecture CPU.
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