My BenchMarks for Metro 2033

My specs

Core 2 Duo e8400(3 Ghz)
4gb DDR2 @ 800 Mhz
Ati 5850
Mobo : DG 45 ID..(Intel Original)
Win 7 X 64 Ultimate ( DX 11)

DX 11 Everything MAXED OUT

Min Max Avg
28 40 34

(Was more when I turned off Fraps)

DX10 Everything MAXED OUT

Min Max Avg
32 126 79

(It was 60ish to 50 ish most of the times but with open fields and creature running here and there it was like 35~45ish and well turning off the fraps it got little smoother)

I think I will stick to DX 10 as it was much smoother and nothing visibly different from dx 11
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  1. Mine is 17 "(1280 x 1024) LCD so thats maxed out for me.
    Turning On DX 11 the diffrnce I could notice was "Blur" thats about it.
    I have read that DX 11 is supposed to be 35 % faster thn DX 10.1 and should look much better.

    When I played Dirt 2, I was like really wow it looked so real so smooth fps were damn good.

    But this game nah..another overly-hyped game
  2. Actually its good for the Future of GPU manufacturers as they wld have few GPUs to sell in the name of DX 11.
    Does this game looks better than Crysis. NOt at all. Even with DX 9 .. crysis look phenomenal,Even COD MW/2 looked better. Things like DX 11 and stuff are good for selling yr GPU units.
    Gameplay is still and will remain the number one concern for game developers. ( It should be actually as gameplay is coming down and Graphics are going up).
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