Problem with SOYO K7VIA & TBird 750

I have assembeled a athlon thunderbird 750 on soyo k7via.
The video is voddoo 3000 agp.
The memory is PC 133 128 MB.
The problem is system lockups, especially during loading win98se.
It hangs even before.
There was some problem in seating the agp card in the cabinet.
The second problem is that during cold boots I have to press the J key on the keyboard during powerup to get a display otherwise the bios doesnt boot the machine.
I have upgraded to the latest aa4 bios.
Also during upgradation, using AWDFLASH, it shows a particular segment of the rom as "no upgrade", even using different versions of the bios.
could the bios chip be faulty?
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  1. Hey Sing
    If you have a look at a few of the other posts a lot of people have had problems with the latest bios, and have gone back to the previous version, I dont know if they have the same mobo as you but its worth a look
  2. The other thing I noticed was that the sytem always hangs whenever I open the hardware monitor page in the bios setup.
    Sometimes it reports the cpu fan speed correctly, at other times it just says 71 RPM!
    I have tried 3 versions of the bios but without success.
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