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MAFIA 2 vs. Grand Theft Auto

So unlike many others, I first played and enjoyed MAFIA II, and then started Grand Theft Auto 4 and was an instant turn-off for me. Why? I personally found the auto-centering car driving and player movements more refined, graphics more realistic, and voice acting more natural and mature. But I read then reviews on and they have praised GTA series a lot.

Should I just keep at it for a little longer to start enjoying GTA?
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  1. GTA 4 is very nice- only bad thing about it is its configuration/coding-
    Eats up all resources available and asks for more-
    Personally, also having played both of them , I think gta 4 is MUCH better than mafia 2. So many things to do, car mods, mods.. Missions also are nice, graphics, game engine ..
  2. At least on my computer, GTA plays very smooth indeed. I found the very first drive home from the dock itself very annoying to control as the screen would never auto-center itself for me, having spoiled by MAFIA II. :)

    Thanks. I will hang in a little longer.
  3. Gta 4 runs well for me too, some ppl really dislike its resource usage, doesnt run properly..
    yes, hang on, its worth it. Also , for better performance dwl and install patch .
  4. GTA IV is ok. Theres so much freedom in the game compared to Mafia 2 that somewhat follows a linear path. If you remove the story from both games, GTAIV is still a game unlike Mafia 2. Im not saying that Mafia 2 is no good. its a very good game infact but its good because of the combined elements of narrative, athmosphere, story, character etc..
    If your not liking GTA IV, I suggest that you try the expansion The Ballad of Gay Tony. I honesty enjoyed it better than the original..
  5. i like mafia 2 better for its story, but GTA4 has a nice free roam.
  6. GTA IV is pretty good. It takes a li'l while getting hooked onto but once you do, you'd be rarely wanting to stop! I played Mafia II for a while after having finished GTA IV and wasn't much impressed by it. I'm sure the storyline is much better than GTA IV but I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay of GTA IV.

    The latest patch eally helped kick out most of the glitches. I can play it without any issues now. I'd suggest you play it for a couple of hours at a go if possible.
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    Here is what I think...

    Mafia 2 ----

    Better story line then GTA IV
    Easy on resources so good play
    Better PhysX then GTA IV

    GTA IV ---

    Best SANDBOX game ever.
    On a nice RIG, the graphics are extremely cool, but only on a nice RIG.
    Apart from the main story, lots of side missions, so you can get into the character more deeply.
    Better legacy then Mafia - IV.
    Once played GTA IV you will not feel like playing MAFIA, so play MAFIA first.
  8. All great answers. Since whatever you do to have fun in the town I live results into spending a lot of money and/or putting on pounds, so I guess I now know how I am going to spend my holidays :))
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