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I Hate Built In Stuff!

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a b V Motherboard
January 4, 2001 4:04:50 PM

I miss the days that a motherboard was JUST that - a MOTHERboard for OTHER boards. IDE, Serial, Mouse - all on a different card (or cards!) I miss having 10 ISA slots! I hate having to rip the guts outta my system when Serial 1 goes tits up, rather than just replacing the serial card! And what is this nonsense with motherboards with modems on them? WTF? No thanks! And on-board video? Who needs it? Who wants it? Feh! and FEH again! "You can disable it in BIOS" you say? Well I should't have to.

</rant> :mad:  :mad:  :mad: 

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January 5, 2001 8:57:57 AM

I agree, I work in a harware maintenance workshop and every time something like the VGA, sound, ethernet or modem goes we have to replace the entire mobo... :-S

OK, obviously that's not *all* the time, but when it does happen it's a pain.. ANd I have noticed a lot of high street PC sellers using onboard sound/vga, so GOD HELP US ALL
January 5, 2001 11:23:10 AM

The only reason they do it is do that the big box shifters can stick a high speed CPU into a really cheap crappy board and not have to spend on VGA/Sound cards etc. Joe Public sees the CPU core speed and nothing else.

Personally, I just avoid those boards like the plauge.