I Hate Built In Stuff!

I miss the days that a motherboard was JUST that - a MOTHERboard for OTHER boards. IDE, Serial, Mouse - all on a different card (or cards!) I miss having 10 ISA slots! I hate having to rip the guts outta my system when Serial 1 goes tits up, rather than just replacing the serial card! And what is this nonsense with motherboards with modems on them? WTF? No thanks! And on-board video? Who needs it? Who wants it? Feh! and FEH again! "You can disable it in BIOS" you say? Well I should't have to.

</rant> :mad: :mad: :mad:
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  1. I agree, I work in a harware maintenance workshop and every time something like the VGA, sound, ethernet or modem goes we have to replace the entire mobo... :-S

    OK, obviously that's not *all* the time, but when it does happen it's a pain.. ANd I have noticed a lot of high street PC sellers using onboard sound/vga, so GOD HELP US ALL
  2. The only reason they do it is do that the big box shifters can stick a high speed CPU into a really cheap crappy board and not have to spend on VGA/Sound cards etc. Joe Public sees the CPU core speed and nothing else.

    Personally, I just avoid those boards like the plauge.
  3. PC Manufacturers use these types of boards to save money, as they won't have to purchase all the other cards to put in. It's a hassle when something goes wrong though.

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