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I'm thinking about buying an Abit VP6 mobo. Does any one know if this is a decent board or not? What are the pros and cons?
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  1. You've got to be kidding! Have you seen the performance numbers for VIA chipsets compared to intels? Not to mention instability, compatability, etc. etc. etc.. VIA is a junk company. Get the Asus CUSL2-C or the CUSL2, or the Abit motherboard with the 815E chipset (SL6). Forget VIA unless you want to be having the same problems these guys are having with their AMD systems. Besides, looks like the CUSL2-C is cheaper anyway, it performs better, has fewer compatablility issues (none to think of) and has all the features you could want (except for a RAID controller, which you can get a card for). If you like ABIT and want your RAID onboard, try the SA6R. Or did you really need dual processors? The BP6 still has soft menu. While the IDE controllers only support UDMA 33/66, the rest of the system will be more stable, more compatable, and higher performance. And from what I've heard of Via's UDMA 100, it does not even outperform UDMA 66 by any significant margin. Besides, most drives can't output faster than 33MB/s except in burst.
  2. I have a VP6 and from my own benchmarking tests, the performance is about the same as the BX boards, in particular, the BE6-II motherboard.
    As for stability, i have not had any problems that (haha) AMD users are having.
    -Its DUAL processor.
    If you dual boot win9x/me and win2k, then you can say i have a dual processor, dual boot system. That is something that (haha) AMD users won't be able to boast for awhile.
    -AGP 4x, ATA100, its abit.

    Umm...its a VIA chip?

    Hope this helps
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