ABIT KT7 and ASUS V7700

I just bought the above mentioned combo with a 900MHz Athlon and some other accessories and I'm facing the following problem: the mobo does not recognise the AGP card (it works fine with a PCI card). Before you start to give me suggestion like change your PSU I've checked and the PSU is AMD approved so this is ruled out). Sometimes it boots up (but very very rarely), but when it does it works fine. I installed Win98SE and Win2K Pro and watched some Quake 3 Arena demos but if I turned it off... I've been playing with the AGP Driving Value in the BIOS without any luck.

Any suggestions after all this?



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  1. You should check out the ASUS website regarding the V7700. I think an Intel chipset mainboards is recommended. Check your motherboard.

    You know it really sucks because all the good graphics card are optimized for Intel chipsets. I wonder what graphics card that is optimized for the AMD.
  2. who would amd compete with then? You know the only reason why amd is so cheap and good is becouse intel is out there... amd is like luke, trying to become better and better so then he finely can beat up Darth Vader. (guess wich company darth represend)

    <b>Voodoo</b><i>Child</i> :cool:
  3. as for the agp driving settings, i would leave those on auto. I built a kt7 900 tbird system a few weeks ago. The boot problems is probably something to do with the softmenu III on the board. If the soft menu III is not set to the right speed in bios the system will not boot properly, esp after leaving bios setup. Check out the FAQ on abits site for the proper way to set that up. As for problems with the Asus GF2. The system I built used a creative GF2 32 meg. Didnt have any problems with it. Just make sure to load the via 4 in 1 before loading any other drivers. With doing all that the system worked fine and was getting better fps in Quake 3 then my p3 733 and GF2 Pro
  4. <A HREF="http://www.apushardware.com/?action=articles&id=44" target="_new">I used this to setup my BIOS</A> and it worked fine. Specifically make sure you have Init Display First set to AGP (under Integrated Peripherals).

    Good luck!
  5. Probably because there are no dip switches on the KT7.
  6. To Zagato:Maybe the Intel platform is recommended but this shouldn't mean that a compatible system can't work with it (and there are KT7(-RAID) systems working with GeForce 2 chips.

    To kal326: The SoftMenu III setting are correct, I tried fail safe setting too and if you have a look at ABIT's website even ABIT is recommending setting the AGP Driving Value to DA or EA for GeForce 2 cards (BTW DA is the default) but it did not solve my problem. And your Quake3 scores must be much better with this setup :) and it's a fact that AMD is better even on a clock-for-clock comparison.

    I'm a bit disappointed with AMD and VIA and I regret a little bit my desicion to go for an Athlon system as I suspected such problems with it, but anyway I'll make it work (probably after a I get a replacement). Shall I go for a ASUS A7Pro/A7V? Are those better or they have the same problems (instability/freezing)?


  7. I've had all kinds of problems with the Asus and it took a month and a half to resolve them. A brand new bios (a month and a half after I bought the board) solved the problem.

    I also have the KT7_raid which worked from day one.

    If you have the choice and want to try something else, I hear that the Acer (ak74??) and the MSI (k7t pro) boards are good. But look at the reviews on Anand tech and at Tom's for latest news. Also look at the forums for problems people are having.
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